Workshop on Stochastic Differential Equations 2016

Speakers and Titles

  • Oleg Butkovsky (Technion Haifa), "Regularization by noise for the stochastic heat equation"
  • Ilya Chevyrev (TU Berlin), "Algebraic aspects in rough path theory"
  • Martin Hairer (Warwick), "Algebraic and analytical aspects of renormalisation"
  • Cyril Labbé (Paris Dauphine), "Weakly asymmetric bridges and the KPZ equation"
  • Davar Khoshnevisan (Utah), "Dissipation in Parabolic SPDEs"
  • Xue-Mei Li (Warwick), "Perturbation to conservation laws"
  • Zenghu Li (Beijing Normal), "Branching processes, tress, and stochastic equations"
  • Carl Mueller (Rochester), "Does the random strings hit points or have multiple points in the critical dimensions?"
  • Sebastian Riedel (TU Berlin), "Random dynamical systems and rough paths"
  • Xiangchan Zhu (Bielefeld), "Restricted Markov uniqueness and ergodicity for the stochastic quantization of p(phi)_2 and its applications"
  • Michael Scheutzow (TU Berlin), "Generalized couplings and convergence of transition probabilities"
  • Samy Tindel (Purdue), "Noisy differential equations with power type coefficients"
  • Hendrik Weber (Warwick), "Gaussian approximations for transition paths in molecular dynamics"


Thursday Friday
9.00-9.50 Zenghu Li Xue-Mei Li
9.50-10.40 Xiangchan Zhu Sebastian Riedel
coffee break
11.10-12.00 Michael Scheutzow Hendrik Weber
lunch break
14.00-14.50 Ilya Chevyrev Cyril Labbé
14.50-15.40 Samy Tindel Martin Hairer
coffee break
16.10-17.00 Carl Mueller Oleg Butkovsky
17.00-17.50 Davar Khoshnevisan

Practical Information

Date: June 23-24, 2016

Venue: University of Mannheim, B6 Room A101, 10 min walking distance from the train station, link to google maps

Wine & Cheese

A welcome Apéro takes place on Wednesday evening, from 18.00 onwards, in front of the lecture hall in B6.

Conference Dinner

The conference dinner takes place in the restaurant c-five. Starting around 18.30.


We suggest the restaurant Rheinterassen (link) for Thursday and the restaurant Tomate (link) for Friday.


  • Leif Döring (Mannheim)
  • Lorenzo Zambotti (Paris 6)
  • Leonid Mytnik (Technion Haifa)


The workshop is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG)